HK here i come!

hullo Hong Kong!!!

here i come here i come here i come!!!


Shop and eat, shop and eat, shop and eat!


i'm gonna take so many pictures that the whole blog would be flooded!

nothing much have happened to be blog worthy.
life's the same

anyways, went shopping with tubie and debbie the other day after our ayam penyet date!
diana didn't come with us though. :(
tubie's so cute here!!!
and my uber hawt cousin...
we partied like crazy girls...

kissed the birthday girl on her cheeks

had quality cuzzie time!
i wanna party with her again soon! <3 <3 <3

Random thought... I <3 WET MARKETS!
I hope they never ever disappear
Look at the amazing colours and varieties that they have in the wet markets

the old sch fishmonger who gave me more fish
i love the nostalgic feel...
i remember when i was younger, i would follow my grandma to the wet market
and she'd be haggling with the uncles and aunties
asking them to throw in spring onions or chillies

was at Kudeta the other day. view's fantastic :)

and i went up to the girl who wore the exact same dress as me to ask for a picture
my conclusion: i think i was pretty high when i did that. haha but it was fun nevertheless!

more random photos below!!!

tubie's place swimming!

my favourite baby boy... <3

That's all for now!

cheryl <3


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