Freshlook ColourBlends

I’ve been wearing coloured contact lenses since my early secondary school days
I love how they make my eyes look more interesting
When I was younger, the colour of the lenses weren’t as natural as now though
I’ve always had the problem of not knowing what colour should I buy
If you haven’t visiting the Freshlook website

Do so! Because you get to try and see what colours suit you!

In very simple steps

1. Register!

2. Upload a photo

3. Start trying out colours from Freshlook ColourBlends!

You would never need to match your clothes with your natural eye colour
Now you can choose which Freshlook ColourBlends you would want to wear with your clothes!
FreshLook ColorBlends provides a subtle enhancement or a noticeable change. Its patented 3-in-1 colour technology blends with the eye colour for a NATURAL LOOK

Learn more about our other products from our FACEBOOK PAGE (THE NEXT BIG THING) (like it! ) and also our WEBSITE!
p.s click on the links to have a look! :)

cheryl <3


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