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Cooking with Cheryl - Char Siew

It has been a terribly long time since I last blogged and well, cooking might just help me start blogging again!
So I've decided to take on the challenge to make char siew on tuesday. For those who do not know what's that. It's pretty much honey-ed grilled pork which tastes heavenly if you go to the correct places to eat it. One of my personal favourite would the the char siew place at Keong Saik Road, Foong Kee. The roasted meats over there is fabulous and I'm drooling as I imagine having a bowl of yummy char siew wanton noodle.
My boyfriend and I adore char siew so much so that I've decided to give it a go at making it. I thought it wouldn't be that difficult. :) Well it isn't but there's a lot of work needed.
Since it's the first time making char siew, I bought both pork belly and pork collar. Pork belly with not too much fats is definitely the best choice. Super yums!

Auntie Chan's Char Siew!  It's so good that we finished up 650gms of char s…

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