Freshlook Illuminate Lens

For those who don’t know,
I am actually one of the Freshlook Illuminate calendar girls!

check me out! I’m Miss July!

I was involved in a short photoshoot over at Plaza Singapura
and had my very first experience of the lenses!

this is me without the lenses
pop in your lenses in your eyes and TADA!!!

Yay to pretty eyes! You don’t need heavy make up at all!
just some BB cream, a little mascara and eye liner,
you’d be good to go.
Freshlook Illuminate lenses literally helps to illuminate your eyes
as the saying goes, “Your eyes are the soul to your heart!”
I guarantee that people will be so mesmerized by your eyes
the great thing about Freshlook Illuminate is that they are not overly large.
they are subtle and natural and yet they compliment your eyes in the meantime!

the Freshlook Illuminate Lenses help enhance your pupils to 13.8mm!

they are daily lenses so it is really convenient for you
no hassle at all.
you wouldn’t need to bring along your solution when you travel
just wear it in the day and remove it before you sleep.
easy peasy yay!

Learn more about our other products from our Facebook page (the next big thing) or (Freshlook Illuminate) (like it! ) and also our website!
p.s click on the links to have a look! :)

cheryl <3


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