Skechers Tone-Ups Fitness Roadshow

had a crazy weekend...
was hosting for the skechers roadshow at Jurong Point
it was really fun though! had friends who dropped by to visit me.
so sweet of them! <3

i'm glad to have awesome friends really.
they have been everything to me
exams are around the corner and it's being such a bitch really
i've made some decisions and i'll stick to it

me behind the mixers!
 the pretty girls! all so tall and slender. i feel fat and short beside them!
 i like making funny faces really. we always do crazy poses. me and kaelyn, the one to the left wearing pink pants were trying to do some hip hop moves (the holding onto the crouch and bouncing left and right move)
 hello everyone in jurong point!
tweety bird me
oooo... look at my toned calves...
pretty girls again. :)
 diana, my lover. haha. love the poodle hair look
ziyi, the redbull girl. she's the whole package really.
look at us in our skechers tone-ups fitness shoes!
 i've got huge feet by the way. women's size 10!
another shot of us. we were camwhores. crazily camwhoring for 3 days in the same outfit!
 kaelyn and me. i look funky in my purple skirt. i kinda feel like barney

ok. this is gonna be so lame... yoyo wazzup man!
 purple is really not my colour
 my make shift pillow. it's actually a bag from skechers. i was too tired. napped backstage
 evangeline and mabel!
last picture! me camwhoring with Freshlook Illuminate Lens!

diana wasn't the only one who came! yixiang came, sunny came and others! :)
thank you so much for your support.
gotta work on my voice, make it smoother and who knows i might go into emcee-ing!

that's all for now!

cheryl <3


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