it's me again

i guess this is it

past week has been really eventful for me

car, caterpillar, seeds, seedlings

my 8 year old hyundai matrix decided to die on me sometime last month
we were left with no choice but to get a new 2nd hand car
something affordable and low fuel consumption
(many say that hyundai matrix surviving for 8yrs is crazyy)

 tada! my subaru R2 (technically not mine! my dad's)

 made a cute little keychain to go with it. :) <3

1st day mileage and petrol consumption 
 2nd day

it's not powerful but it's something that gets us from point A to point B

i'm a farmer now! mummy of proud garden radish seedlings! :)
and we found a huge caterpillar on my mummy's Herba Ruetae!

 look at the fat boy/girl

hello seeds!

hello babies!

they grow so fast!!!

will post more photos the next time! :)

cheryl <3


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