i always wonder...

how would things be like if there were huge changes

but then i always retract back into the shell

i have my comfort zone that i'm very unwilling to step out of

i hate myself for not having the guts really

everytime when i attend a wedding
it always makes me think
if the person i'm with now is the person i would like to spend the rest of my life with
how the love birds stare at each other
wondering how good looking or how lucky they are to have each other
i envy them so much

every girl/guy would love to have their partners attention,
looking at them frequently
and wondering all over again that they're so lucky to have found each other

i am a hopeless romantic
keep your hands on me always
put your attention on me always
make me feel wanted
recognise my existence
tell me you love me wholeheartedly
love me

cheryl <3


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