i love.live.care

all the stuff happening around me
makes me wonder

life's so fragile

i've been through 2 tsunamis, none of which i was in
i've seen what happened on the news
i count my blessings really

if our 4-legged friends can do so
we should do so too
help our friends who're in need

i love it when i see such heartwarming gestures
people are willing to help
at least we know that there are people who care

i'm trying to do little stuff to help dogs in Singapore currently
(even though i'm supposed to be studying for exams)
i've decided to donate 50% of  the proceeds to Action for Singapore Dogs instead of SPCA
(SPCA puts down dogs even though they are healthy sometimes :()

for Dog Rescue Donations to Japan
it would be via Paypal: rescue@butch-japan.jp

for Donations via Red Cross

i might not have alot of viewers on my blog
but i'm trying to spread the message out there nevertheless

please help

cheryl <3


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