you know your guy doesn't feel the same way about you anymore

when he doesn't kiss you passionately anymore
like when he first met you

when he doesn't check if you are home safe and sound anymore

when he doesn't bother to let you know where he is and if he is safely home

when he does not keep up to the promises made
and everything goes down the drain

when he loses his patience very easily towards you

when he is afraid of you looking through his computer

when he doesn't talk to you first on msn
or want to skype with you eagerly anymore

when you ask if he wants to marry you or not
he hesitates
asks why you choot pattern
and then in a very buay kum wan tone
'ya la ya la'

when it happens
you would be as lost as a little lamb

somehow deep in your heart
you know it might not be happily ever after



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