it's hui jin aka SPONGEBOB's birthday!!!

me and vell did like a surprise birthday thing for hui jin yesterday at her work place. she bought awfully chocolate cake which was damn moist and yummy la! omg... so heavenly.

i got her little banana spongebobs!!! a total of 5 with 5 cute faces! she got so excited when she saw both the cake, spongebobs and us! haha. she was behind the bar when we walked in with her cake.

she's so disgusting though. licked the sides of the cake and cut slices of cake with her saliva and forced me and vell to eat. omg... damn sick can. i think my command of english in this is damn bad. so many ands.

then the rest of the day wasn't really good. but oh well...

life goes on

even though it really sucks so bad sometimes.



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