Hello all!

i know i haven't blogged in ages!
but i swear i'm going to start again. :)

i've been terribly busy this holiday
it has been a crazy ride for me
where i work with my super girls, Deborah and Valerie.
we are a social media video magazine
so we actually do marketing and advertising!
got lobang please introduce ah!

i'm also in the RedBull wings team!
we are a bunch of crazy girls
it's never ending fun with what i'm doing :)
meeting people from all walks of life

i think whatever you do in life, it's always important to be happy
i enjoy my 'job'
in fact, i wouldn't call it a 'job' at all!

i'm thankful for opportunities
i'm 23 and i shall do something big for myself!

cheryl <3 font="font">


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