l.o.v.e a.n.d f.a.i.r.y.t.a.l.e.s

i want to travel
to visit the different places
with you

you never seem to ever want to
i doubt the thought has ever appeared in your mind

i want us to be like a mathematical equation
without a sign, nothing will be right

i don't think you should ever let go of something
i think you should continue to fight for it until it passes,
because then you know for sure,
that was the time it was meant to end

i will never want something that was initially beautiful to end

good times are always short lived perhaps

i believe that if hard work is put in
it can be reversed
but it takes 2 hands to clap

from friends to best friends to lovers to strangers
doesn't feel right

i want to live in a fairytale
where there is happily ever after

is it even possible or it is just impossible

loving somebody is tiring
it is rewarding when you are appreciated and cared

it's so simple
but yet so difficult

where have you gone?
innocent love sweet love

justcheryl <3


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