spent 2 fabulous days with baby...
felt like it was out of the world.
back to reality now though.
exams are in 2 weeks.

i love spending time with the baby boy
so i was fast asleep last night dreaming
about completing a mission to get free stuff
he woke me up and told me in a very serious tone
'You and me, we have something serious to discuss.'
obviously that woke me up

he said...
who's going to switch off the lights?

i was having my wonderful free gift dream and he woke me up to ask me that

it was cute nonetheless <3

played lan last night and for dinner today,
me, baby, ryan and amelia went to Canopy@ Bishan Park
food was quite yums

mini wagyu burgers (ames pronounced it as WAGU! haha)

chicken satay pizza

that's all for now.
got to start studying
after exams, everything will be good!
looking forward to that!

i love ending a day happy :)
it makes my morning happy

justcheryl <3


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