omg... i have not blogged in like ages.

exams are now categorized as the unspeakables... spare me from the agony pls.

oh well... but i've got nothing much to do nowadays anyway. trying to sell stuff online and to create a blogshop or something. still wondering if i should go ahead with it or not. i don't exactly earn. i'm more of a handler than a seller who's motive is to earn more profits.

i want to use the name but apparently it's taken.

should i go with mymamashoppe? cherylmamashop? chicmamashop? aiya... this is so frustrating.

i want to bring in cheap stuff. say make ups, clothes, accessories. to be fair, for both men and women. prolly like some household stuff too!

i need investors...

put aside everything


i wanna learn diving! (nemooo)

i wanna go taiwan, thailand, hong kong, china, europe, bali, batam etc... somewhere other than here.

if i can't have a holiday, at least let me find a part time job!!! holidays are so boring.

everyday's so aimless. i really need to get a life.

and my 21st birthday how!!!

i've made no preparations yet. no idea on what to do. gosh... *faints*

how about a superheroes theme? haha. i love costume partiess!!! so fun!

*imagines dad wearing superman costume and mummy wearing wonderwoman costume*

eh... i guess better not superheroes if parents are there...
haha.. FMPL

let's just not care for now. i'm tired. spent a long time to photoshop those 2 miserable pictures. urgh

cheryl <3


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