disney on ice 2010

disney on ice was a disappointment... :(


to think that i was sooooo excited!!!

first of all, we were late. mr tann wanted to sleep a lil while more so i brought snoopy boy out to poop.

after i brought him back, he was still sleeping. had to pull him out of bed.

showered and by the time we're done and out, it was 6.45pm already.


it was supposed to start at 7pm!!!

oh well... cabbed there and we missed the Lion King!

no princesses this yearrr!!!



which was of course... borrringgg...

overall.. i was sooo disappointed

boo hoo!

no handsome guys nor pretty girls...

plus the lil kid in front was annoying even though i love kids...

oh well... we didn't manage to take much photos


that's all for now...

cheryl :(


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